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Candice McMahan
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Traveler, imaginer, dreamer- not a hope person. Optomistic to negativity which makes everything real

I am an aspiring hobby artist because I've never been taught in a class setting. I am also aspiring to animate my story- prolly like a movie or a show. I'm just getting started x3
I am also an aspiring mortician, I'll be doing school for that. Fascinating.

Anyways, ask me anything really

IF YOU WANT GIFT ART, TRADES, ETC- just ask. It'll be on a case by case basis.
Yay Flight Rising is open again- you could join, basically breed dragons, get gold, eggs and little things to dress them up and beat up beast clansmen in the arena, not that they aren't already pissed off at you.

Very interesting lore the sight has which makes for great RP if you can get into it.

I'm Telelia of Flight Rising simply telling ya'll either add me or join :DDD



"But until then, you need to SHUT THE FUCK UP when grown folks is talkin!"
-Black Dynamite

I may start arguments online, start discussions, and the worst thing I get isn't silence- I love silence.

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt"
-Abraham Lincoln

What's worse than silence? Getting comments of "you're an old fart" or "you're an idiot" or "you're just old Telelia. You're way of thinking is old"

What does this show me? You have no thought, you lack proper desire to give an educated comment. That you regurgitate what society told you to. That you're just like the rest of the sheep, willingly led around and when something threatens the precarious balance you bitch.

So yes- shut up and sit down. I'd rather have an 8 year old tell me in their own words and thoughts what's up because at least they'll articulate things and tell me why then somebody simply saying "you can't handle this"

What can't I handle? The fact you wasted a few seconds basically posting comment fluff and telling me that you probably have no real comment/thought in the first place but feel compelled to tell me 'fuck you?'
So original
Very Inspiring
Do you want a cookie?

I want people who think. I want people who respond with thought. Shit I'll take a common thought if you can tell me why you think that way. I like it when somebody can actually express themselves and why. I take this over every day regurgitation. If you can prove to me this is YOU speaking and not what is pressured for you to speak, then congrats. I WILL respect you and your thought. To me it matters not who's side is the winner, it matters that the participants actually are intelligent.

So if you're comment isn't intelligent when I'm being serious, debating, argumenting, then let the adults to the talking and sit down. Nothing infuriates me more than to be proven right that you're an idiot by posting a predictable statement.
How I respect Online People
This one is about comments on discussion boards- there is more to it than this but I needed to get this off my chest. I give everybody a chance to prove to me that you're worth the time and effort to talk to and get to know.

This is also to be applied when I'm actually being serious about something. Not for everyday OOC.
Easily Offendable

Grow up, have a backbone, and realize that most things on the internet are not about you. Period. Just like the world does not evolve around you, the words and mud slung on the internet is just there to make you momentarily upset so that somebody on the other side feels for a moment like they own you, if their intention was really to actually insult you.

This is for the people who are just plain easily offended. I will say shit that you may not agree with, and honestly, there is not a person on this earth that will 100 percent be on your side with Every Damn Issue That Ever Was. End story.

I'm tired of people thinking I'm picking on Transgendered people because I've referred to myself as an IT. You know what- I. Referred to MYSELF.
MY damned SELF.
I am not talking about you, not about your friends, not about the group you affiliate with. There was a huge I in that statement. So fucking what if I like being called an It sometimes. Or my characters who some of them are quite literally it's. It shouldn't matter. I'd understand if I was saying "oh you're a disgusting it"

I'm also tired of people taking things out of context; but that will happen anyways- hence English Teachers. Without context, or skewing, they have no job.

I'm tired of people taking every thing to heart; every little thing. Christ lighten up. Being so serious all the time no wonder people are depressed- they're so angry all the time. It's unhealthy.

Basically I'm tired of people thinking the world is after them when most of the world doesn't give two shits, shoot having it give one is hard enough.
The Offended
pretty much a rant that too has been boiling in my head for quite some time; this stemmed from a fact that after I referred to my character's as it's that I shouldn't because it offended and made somebody uncomfortable. Not sorry, was I referring to your character as an it? You? Your group? Anything about you? If the answer is no Take a motherfuckin chill pill and sit down. Not everything on the internet pertains to you.

Equality through Segregation

Lately I've seen more and more terms to describe people's sexuality and people's genders; LGBT became LGBTQ became LGBTQA and... now I'm not sure.
Same with gender; Cis gender, genderqueer, pangender... etc etc...

What do these names really mean?
It means segregating yourself by pigeon holing into a set group to basically give yourself something special, to feel special. I understand if this is groups to connect with like minded individuals, but for society? It's like separating blacks from whites all over again. The fact that a group is trying to preach a message of "Gender/Sexual Equality" yet continually put themselves into separate groups and categories is a conflicting message.

I don't give a damn what who you date and if you marry. I really don't. Most of the First World doesn't give a shit either. Shoot most of them you can marry same sex. It wasn't an issue like it is here.

And the issue is stemming from all parties. You want equality, desegregate the groups. End story. I don't hear of people starting groups for being straight. And honestly that's just dumb to do that.

Equality means that everybody gets treated as equals- which means true equality may never happen. However, equality's downside is that people aren't treated specifically on what makes them special, and it's very close to being mediocre.
So if you guys want true equality, then treat other people with decency and quit lording stupid shit over another's heads. We aren't perfect. So quit thinking the standard needs to be up most perfection.

That and I blame the media; I think if we didn't have media coverage about how X and Y is wrong about X and Y group of people, it would reveal nobody really cares. Humanity naturally wants to pick on people because we're a war-like race. For some reason.

I digress; I'm tired of groups, of being grouped. I rather people see me as Candice and not as "that white girl with curly hair" or "that one girl who likes X Y Z"
Again, quit pigeon holing yourself.

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