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Candice McMahan
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Traveler, imaginer, dreamer- not a hope person. Optomistic to negativity which makes everything real

I am an aspiring hobby artist because I've never been taught in a class setting. I am also aspiring to animate my story- prolly like a movie or a show. I'm just getting started x3
I am also an aspiring mortician, I'll be doing school for that. Fascinating.

Anyways, ask me anything really

IF YOU WANT GIFT ART, TRADES, ETC- just ask. It'll be on a case by case basis.
Okay... I like using google drive. I had videos, pictures, documents, important stuff that I edited and would like to use in the future again, or you know, just keep track of. Cuz some of my shit was school related.

No problem! I'll go back to google drive and just find it again using the "recent" button

Nothing. Zilch. Nada.... Fucking everything is gone.

every goddamn piece of anything is... just... did they wipe their servers or something updating to the new drive? Some of those spreadsheets I'll not be able to find by a simple google search... let alone the essays that I had.

And let alone the fact that if it's not in the "trash" section of google it's not there anymore. And it's not there. At all.

I'm fucking upset atm.

In other news... actually there isn't much. I've lost some artwork due to this as well, and pictures... and videos... and... just... if anybody has any suggestions I'm game. The forums are telling me there is nothing that can be done.
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There is no question of Gender
     no question of Faith
No question of the Future
     no question of Past
No words to describe tomorrow
     no words for today
There will never be enough knowledge
     enough power, philosophy
To ever truly describe your soul
     to ever truly describe you

There will never be enough descriptions
     enough psychological books
enough memories, travesties, joys and sorrows
     to truly contain
The essence of you

There will never be enough people
     with eyes to see and mouths to speak
     ears to hear and hands to work
To truly understand and speak of you

There will never be enough minds
     enough souls, spirits, friends
to ever know you fully

There will never be another You
     another US, a life, a blink...

Lifetime is dictated by actions not words
There will never be enough questions you will answer
nor enough flames you will seek;
not enough oceans to fill the Void
nor enough words to say, lives to touch;
but fret not my children, no words can touch you fully, describe you in one existential thought

Therefore, do not try to put yourself in a box;
and simply spread your wings to fly
WE are Mankind
when I try to tell people why I don't particularly agree with gender questions or sexuality questions it's because I don't agree with people needing a term to pigeon hole themselves. Words may be a swift, but often cutting comfort, and I rather take the void in all it's infinity- because the void may be dark, but the darkness is not evil. The darkness simply is creation waiting to happen.
In the dark anything can happen- the universe is infinity; and infinity is nothing to be afraid of, rather, shape it to what you wish, what you desire... therefore the blanket of the Void is simply nothing yet everything- it is the question, it is the answer; I will never accept a simple word, a simple question, as the basis of my existence, of my living. And I simply won't allow myself to pigeon hole another, to cut them off from the void, from Creation itself. I will not cut somebody to pieces unless they warrant it, not if they ask.
So live like you mean it, and don't fret the small questions. Stumbling blocks are meant to grow you, not be a hindrance for years.
And if you find the people around you don't accept you, get new ones. They are simply leaves on the wind, meant to blow away as time comes and goes. Do not mistaken them for branches and roots, who stay.
I do not fear the world nor it's acceptance or disapproval. Living my life the way others want me to is not living at all. We have one life, one soul, this chance, this moment, I will not squander it away just because somebody hates me. That one singular moment of hatred will not compare to the life span I will live.
Helios Warrior by Telelia
Helios Warrior
Finally got around to doing something decent with my Species known as the Ix. This one is a Helios warrior; meaning the wings are magical constructs of light energy, and their hair is like fire; an energy. The dark coloring this one exhibits by no means says it's a "fallen" warrior, just a color.

Helios warriors are prestigious; they serve under the Ixen Queen like a vanguard.

as for adopts of this species go- I'll play it by ear. If you want one just message me.

Ixen are my species- they aren't exactly open but they aren't closed either.

Very Basic IX sheet…

Respect is not an inalienable right

It is not a birth given right
It is not given simply because it is demanded

Respect is Earned

There is no Man, Woman, Being on earth that I will bow to.
I will bow if I respect you. I would bow if I believe you to be a capable leader.
I will not bend like the wind just because you voice is louder than mine

Respect is unbiased

You can be the most evil prick in the world, and still have my respect.
Granted this by no means says I support your actions, as I am a firm believer in the thought "treat everybody as a decent being until proven otherwise"

It may be easier to love somebody, but as Machiavelli reasoned; It is better to be feared than loved if not both.

Simply put. I do not give myself to another without at first respecting them

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