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Candice McMahan
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Traveler, imaginer, dreamer- not a hope person. Optomistic to negativity which makes everything real

I am an aspiring hobby artist because I've never been taught in a class setting. I am also aspiring to animate my story- prolly like a movie or a show. I'm just getting started x3
I am also an aspiring mortician, I'll be doing school for that. Fascinating.

Anyways, ask me anything really

IF YOU WANT GIFT ART, TRADES, ETC- just ask. It'll be on a case by case basis.
Since its on the news about pot linked deaths (injestion) from edibles, I have decided to share personal experience of eating edibles.
Under no circumstance will I ever tell somebody to eat it.

To spare story and get to facts: I ate half a dozen cookies. Granted the person I was with should have stopped newb me at one or two- who can deny chocolate chip cookies? Freshly baked? Regular cookies id eat them all in one siting xD
Any who- half dozen cookies, all made using a pound of high grade pot butter- butter that looked as green as the plant- very pretty color.  
Side effects: everything started bout 30 min later. Got this weird heated sensation at base of skull, head feeling heavy/muggy. Sound came in and out, seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours. This did induce panick because I was comming in and out of consciousness as well as the inability to control what I said,  remembered, couldnt pay attention nor walk. Room spinned like an amusement ride and hallucinations happened. It started with "seeing" when somebody speaks to strands of light, bubbles, colors and, kid you not, the Door of Truth (Fullmetal Alchemist) This on its own sounds cool but hallucinations coupled with panick as its a struggle to breath, talk, make sense of the world around you, not vomit due to room spinning and hoping you dont reveal your darkest secret and glad nobody there in the room is gunna rape you.... yes I thought I was legitimately dying. It was horrid.

Needless to say I vomited.  I had enough sense to lunge and make the trash can. I was incomprehensive for a day and sick for a week.
My suggestion? If you must eat it, small SMALL doses. You don't know how it effects you. It is much different from smoking. However if you've been used to it you do build up a tolerance. I had none.

The other news:
"Pot has no deaths" well apparently 2 linked in Colorado
"Pot has no ill side effects" try telling me that. Not to mention some sellers themselves admit that ingesting too much makes one 'uncomfortable'
"Pot is non habit forming" everything is habit forming. Ive met pot smokers who couldn't go two hours without a hit. Not to mention ehen tolerance is built up they have to do more or look for more THC- hence resin hits (the build up in pipes- its amber and sticky and has THC concentrated in it. You can scrape it out with tools or break your pipe to get at it.)

Also- authorities hate pot- it takes weeks in lab to find out if you're under the influence (my mother is a lab technician) so there really is no sobriety test for it. But like alcohol if you're high don't be dumb and drive. I've seen that sleepy glazed over look... you're a risk on the road.

Am I against pot? No, its an 8 billion per year industry. Go make money. Im against the abuse of it. Everything can be abused, pot is just a medical plant that can be turned into something ugly and people can abuse it. I am all for the cancer fighting agents in it among other things.

with anything- moderation, be careful, do research,  people will be effected differently but don't beleive all the propoganda out there. Im just telling my side because I'm not the only one who experienced something negative.

PS apologies as I'm on a tablet and typing this took bout an hour. Im fine just moved to a new state. I'll prolly write a journal here shortly on my views of science vs art.
  • Mood: Not Impressed

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